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Sleep, my friend, and you will see...

...that Dream is my Reality...

7 October 1992
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Hi there! Welcome to my LJ account :-) this is where I post my fanart and fanfiction :-) thank you for visiting! ^_^

I am a huge fan of yaoi manga and I write yaoi-related fanfiction. (YAOI means MALExMALE sexual relationship, so if that does not suits your tastes, I beg you to directly visit another site or journal with contents that are more appropriate to your tastes. Please DO NOT INSULT)

My passions are reading manga, drawin and writing, and I've been writing yaoi FanFiction for a long time, but just now decided to post my works :-) so I've created this journal basically to post my yaoi Fanart and FanFiction :-)

As I said before, I'm a huge fan of yaoi manga. I wrote Fanfiction for the fandom From Eroica With Love, a Shounen-Ai manga by Yasuko Aoike sensei, but now i got fixated on the Viewfinder Series, a yaoi manga by Yamane Ayano sensei, and I'm writing about it now :-)
My favourite character from the Viewfinder series is Liu Fei Long, so my fanart and FanFiction are almost all related to him.

As for my tastes in fanart and fanfiction, I'm fond of hard yaoi, but I don't mind if there's no smex in a story. shounen ai is also very good if well written. I don't mind if there's violence, bondage or rape in a story. I often find myself including them in my fics. I also enjoy reading angst.
I don't write Het, nor Yuri, but I enjoy reading about yuri pairings.

Some of my Fanart and FanFiction are NC-17 rated, so they're only suitable for 18-year-old o older people. You'll be warned before you read the parts under a LJ cut, if there are contents not appropriate for minors.

With that said, I hope you will enjoy my fanfiction and Fanart :-)

PS: I'm Italian, and i write both in iatlian and english. Since english is not my mother tongue and I don't have a beta reader yet, I'd ask you to please be patient with my little spelling mistakes :-) I'll do my best to avoid them though :-)
I'm a nice and polite person, so I'll accept any comment or critic you'll make to my work :-)

All the best :-)